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Intuitive Guidance for Creatives
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Surprise! In addition to my life in the performing arts, I’m also a psychic intuitive. I’ve been having prophetic dreams, strong intuitive hits and spirit encounters since childhood, but, as so many of us do, I suppressed my perfectly natural intuition as I tried to “get serious” and find my way in the world. Little did I know, I was shutting down my greatest tool. A tool we all have access to for realizing our best selves and lives!

Now that I’ve rediscovered, harnessed, developed and honed my natural connective ability, (an ever-evolving process) I want share it with my fellow creative humans. That's you!

My daily meditation and spiritual practices have hugely informed my life, and have held, nurtured, nudged and guided me on my journey from “anxiety-ruled tortured artist” to the liberated, centred creative artist and being I am today.  Read the full story here if you’re interested.

I’m squiggling with gratitude at some point every day about how emotionally liberated I feel, how much more fun my life and work are, and just how comparatively calm, centred, and together I am when faced with any challenge now that I’m in touch with, and LISTEN TO my intuition.


I want every human on the planet to have access to their own higher guidance.

It’s become a personal mission to share the wisdom I’ve uncovered, and help my fellow humans out of the struggle of overwhelm and into the squiggle of glee.

Or at the very least- to feel better, generally.


To navigate this life experience with greater peace, ease, trust… and flow.

After years of offering readings for friends and colleagues in a very casual way…I’ve come to understand that the value and impact of these spirit-guided sessions are not so casual. Frankly, they can be game-changing. Life-affirming. Perspective shifting. 

I’ve received countless moving, inspiring and exciting testimonials

I’ve had a LOT of undeniable signs and synchronicities pointing me here, to you, to serve in the role of conduit so that you may receive guidance for your best and highest experience here on Earth.

So I thought, heck, let’s formalize this situation so I can help fellow artists and others in an inspiring energetic exchange. Not because I have the answers, but because you do. I'm but the humble interpreter of whatever is waiting for you, available to you...and how you can best live into the possibilities of your dreams.


I offer personalized Tar(a)t Cart readings over zoom, custom designed to meet each sitter's unique needs with the intention to bring forth the guidance that will best serve your needs.




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About Tara's Readings
so, what *is* a Tar(a)t Card reading? 

I use Tarot and Oracle cards, but I read them Tara-style! My readings (held over zoom) serve as a gentle and affirming look at the areas of your life where you seek guidance. I call in clarification and information on what is available to you. Then, I spend time with you to mine the conversation for key takeaways: defining the actions, choices and options that most prominently present themselves as guideposts toward your goal or desired outcome. I’ll cover as many specific areas of focus as possible during your 45 or 60 min reading over zoom.


I do my utmost to create an easy and relaxing setting for us, where we can just chat like pals. We’ll see what needs looking at and get some guidance for you. It’s not all “woo woo”, or anything to be afraid of or intimidated by. Of course, if it’s all new to you, I totally understand how it can feel that way! The unknown can be scary…so stick with me, let it become ‘known’, and soon, asking for, and receiving guidance in this way becomes natural. Therein lies the magic.

"I’ve had several readings from Tara and each one has been different, insightful, and powerful. Her unique and organic approach to Tarot feels more connected to the ‘source’ than any other I’ve experienced. After each reading I feel like I’ve received a real gift from a higher place which has been so valuable during turbulent times. Direction, confirmation, compassion, connection… it’s all there with Tara’s Tarot."

C, Performing Artist

Tara's Reading Style

more about my reading style

So, first off, I’m not a “fortune teller”.

Free will is real. You are an active participant in the unfoldment of your life in any given moment.


Tarot cards are tools, plain and simple. They are pieces of paper with pictures, numbers and symbols on them. They suggest both overarching and significant themes in your life, down to some smaller day-to-day or short term circumstances, situations and energies present in, or available to you in your life. 


Depending on the questions you have, and areas/circumstances you’d like to focus on, I design a custom layout in the moment, and, together, we follow the messages coming through.


I endeavour to create an emotionally safe space for you, and will interpret the messages and guidance from the cards with as much humility, grace and authenticity as possible. 

I allow the cards to serve as a communication tool to help me understand the information that will most benefit you.


I employ a variety of decks and intermingle them as I’m intuitively called to, as each artist’s interpretation offers unique visual vocabulary. “Oh it HAD to be that deck, because look, it shows a _____, the thing you were just asking about! Confirmation or what?!” 


Note on gender: Although some of the figures depicted on Tarot cards appear gender binary, (Queen of Wands, The Emperor etc) please know that they actually have nothing to do with gender identity, and everything to do with Feminine and Masculine energies, which we all carry, and seek to find balance with, regardless of our gender. 

Patriarchal systems would love to have us identify these as “Passive” (feminine) vs “Active” (masculine) energies, but that makes me want to throw something. 

In my practice, I observe Energy on a spectrum from intuitive flow to intentional action


working with spirit

Tarot and Oracle cards act like a vocabulary for communicating with higher energy forms…universal intelligence, if you will. I personally tend to use the term “Spirit” to describe this energy, but we can approach this however is most comfortable for you! I can also request support from your ancestors, guides, angels, higher self….whatever floats your boat. The spirits on your team would LOVE to get a word in, to guide you, to give you signs…they’re just waiting for you to ask. Regardless of your higher intelligence of choice, I respectfully ask only for guidance that is of the best and highest intention, and in the interest of serving your best outcome.


Each reading is totally organic- Sometimes I don’t even need the cards, or I’ll just use a few before the downloads start coming (the information appears like ideas in my head, like I’m a computer downloading it), and then I continue to channel from there (meaning, I serve as a conduit for this information). It just sounds like me talking. It’s not weird. Or any weirder than usual. (Note: I’m a bit weird).


you have a say in how it goes

I’m a collaborator not only in my artistic practice, but also in my intuitive readings, so I encourage you to be part of it, ask additional questions, make your own observations and interpretations, and jam on the meaning and application of the advice you’re receiving as it’s coming through. And for crying out loud, be honest with me as we go- if I say, does this make sense? Don’t lie to me if it doesn’t! Be honest. I am but a humble interpreter and sometimes I don’t quite get it right, or I miss a connecting idea…so we can go in and clarify. Or we can leave it and come back to it. (Often things make sense later in the context of the whole reading). 

Of course, If you’d rather just sit quietly and let me channel and do my thing—then spend time with it on your own after, that’s cool too, (it’s all about your comfort level) but I find there’s a special energetic charge that comes when we both engage in the reading and you follow your impulses and intuition throughout. This is also how you can squeeze every drop of value out of the reading and get the most clarity possible.

the focus of the reading is your choice

"What can I ask about? Career? Love? My dog’s upcoming surgery? My aunt Mildred’s health? My new project? A plot line in my novel? How to get out of my creative block? Should I paint the bathroom blue? How can I help my child/friend/parent etc?"

You can ask about whatever the heck you want. This is a ‘choose your own adventure’ situation. I tend to specialize in guiding my fellow artists, because I have the greatest frame of reference in creative living/the arts world for understanding the info that comes through. Spirit shows me things I can understand and explain, so if you’re asking about some complicated engineering thing or something in the world of big finance…there’s a heightened chance of me misunderstanding the info, or having to be vague about it because I don’t quite know what it means. Spirit is always right, it’s the guide that is fallible. That having been said, I’ve channeled winning modern dating/relationship advice and I personally haven’t dated in over 20 years, so… you never know!

It’s a personal passion of mine to guide folks who work in creative fields or have artistic practices, but heck, I’ll read for anyone who’s interested, open and willing, just know I’m not going to suddenly solve your physics equation. I might lead you to a new way of thinking that allows you to unlock it for yourself, but I’m not going to suddenly become Einstein or some weird sh*t like that. (Not how it works, friend.)

Regardless of how your reading unfolds, signs and synchronicities will make themselves known, you’ll be led to some significant “aha” moments, and charged up to step into the next phase of your life with focused intention. It’s a fun way to get thinking about your life from a higher perspective, step out of your ego for a hot minute, and recalibrate toward what your highest self wants for you— to feel as amazing as possible in your life moving forward.

bonus guidance

Each reading is its own unique adventure- I don’t use a template or a specific formula.

I listen to your needs and requests, then follow my intuition and let the reading take its own course…leading you toward the information required for your best and highest good. 

Sooo, sometimes information comes through that wasn’t even on your radar to ask about. In that case, I’ll say, “I know you’re not asking about _____, but this is coming up. Are you cool hearing about it?”

Often, since these readings are ultimately holistic, information comes forth about a part of your life that significantly (but indirectly) informs the thing you’re asking about, whether you have knowledge of it or not! Spirit is smart that way.

sometimes it doesn’t all make sense

Occasionally, some info doesn’t resonate in the moment. In those cases, SPEAK UP. I can ask for more clarity, and usually chase down what was actually coming through vs. my initial interpretation of it.

If my clarification efforts still don’t get us there, I’ll say something like, “this is coming forward for you to ponder on. Give it no great importance, let it be neutral, sit with it. Use your discernment. It may or may not prove helpful.” You know, something like that. 

Usually, in rare cases like these, a few days later, I get a message like, “holy #@! That thing makes sense because ____ just happened.” or “Oh, that thing just clicked. I was suddenly confronted with ___, and then that info popped into my mind and I knew exactly what to do.” 

You know, stuff like that.


If, after a while, parts of your reading still don’t resonate, it probably means that your humble interpreter made a whoopsie or missed something. It happens. Let it go. Focus on the parts that do resonate for you.


in summary

Every reading is completely customized for YOU. It is intuitively engineered to best serve your needs, your questions, and bring forth actionable guidance.

I always record the session and it’s yours to have for reference so you can focus on the reading in the moment, and you don’t have to worry about taking a bunch of notes.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly…


I acknowledge that this work can get personal or even wander into creative propriety if we’re discussing a new idea. I know that this kind of vulnerability requires trust, and I promise to respect your privacy and hold anything you share like a vault—much like a counsellor or a therapist would. (Unless you tell me you murdered someone or harmed a child or animal, or are thinking of causing harm, for obvious reasons.)

legal stuff

These sessions are purely for your own self reflection and personal growth purposes. 

Use your discernment when applying any advice received in our sessions. I will not be held liable for the result of any action taken as inspired by information received in these readings.*

*When everything goes gorgeously and you’re thriving, of course, I’d love a testimonial speaking to my part in it, but the credit is all yours, baby. It’s your free will. It’s yours for hearing, listening, and acting when it feels right and good.

Artist's Heart: Creative Coaching

I’ve come to understand this radical notion:

You don’t have to suffer for your art. 


Not only that, it’s possible your art can be even better when you release suffering.


You know what else can be better? The quality of your whole dang life!


You don’t have to be broken hearted to write songs that pull at heart strings.

You don’t have to go into the dark corners in order to reflect or explore them in your art.


Flow state creation allows you to be a conduit for bringing forth what you want to realize in the world

…with relative ease.


Sound good?


I’m currently developing coaching packages for creatives that will take you through every possible shortcut to clarity, emotional comfort, and focus as you pursue your magical creative life


I will lead you to tools for navigating any and all challenges, roadblocks and sticking points, that you may approach your creations and projects from a place of curiosity. (See ya later,  fear and anguish!)


I’ll also work closely with you to develop, harness and employ your intuition…not only in your craft, but in your every day circumstances. Soon you won’t need to consult a psychic…because you’ll trust your own gifts. I show you how to not need me anymore. Yay. (I’m officially not in a scalable business here. Ha ha.)


Sign up for updates below or check back here for more information soon!

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